Western, MA

Western Massachusetts

Western Massachusetts includes the Berkshires and the Pioneer Valley (the Massachusetts portion of the Connecticut River Valley). New York borders the area to the west, Connecticut to the south, and Vermont to the north. The region is known for its numerous colleges and universities.


The Berkshires region is an area of overlapping hills that is known for its rural beauty, its devotion to the arts, and as a tourist destination. Music and the performing arts have an important home here.

The Pioneer Valley

The Pioneer Valley is an agricultural-rich area of farms growing tobacco and corn, and a destination for outdoor recreation. The region is known for its quality higher education, its dedication to the arts, and other cultural opportunities. Springfield is the region’s largest city.  For the LGBT community, Northampton is an anchor city. It is famous as a place where lesbians feel comfortable living and raising families. The opportunities for self-expression and support are numerous. An annual gay pride parade has been held here for over thirty years. Colleges in the area offer education and a chance for study in a welcoming forum. The arts and culture are also important elements.