Northern, MA

Northern Massachusetts

North Shore

The North Shore is an area of northeastern Massachusetts that includes a rocky coastline, harbors, and beaches. The region borders New Hampshire to the north and Greater Boston to the south. The towns of Salem, Gloucester, and Rockport are historically famous for seafaring and commercial fishing. Salem is primarily known for its witch trials, but has a long history of voyages to China and other points in East Asia for the purpose of trade. The revitalized beach area in Revere is a popular destination in the summer months. The LGBT community can take advantage of a networking group and other support services.

North Central Massachusetts

Also known as North County, this region lies in Worcester County north of Worcester. It includes the area around Fitchburg, and the cities of Gardner and Leominster. Leominster is where John Chapman, the nurseryman who was the inspiration of the folk hero Johnny Appleseed was born in 1774, and is also where, much later, the plastic pink flamingo was invented. Gardner was once known for its manufacture of furniture. The area is rural as well, and has many opportunities for outdoor recreation, such as biking, swimming, and snowmobiling.