Nantucket Arts & Antiques

Welcome to Gay Friendly Nantucket Massachusetts…

Nantucket’s antique shops feature items that reflect the Island, its history and ambience.  ScrimshawNantucket Lightship Baskets, sailor’s valentines, ship models, whaling objects, 18th and 19th-century furniture, decoys and lighting fixtures are some of the specialties found.  Shops may also sell paintings and contemporary pieces of such old art forms as scrimshaw.   A three-day benefit antiques show and sale is held each August.  If you’re more into the live-for-the-moment atmosphere of an auction, Nantucket has them year-round, courtesy of two on-island auctioneers.

Works in glass, sculpture, woodcarvings, ceramics, jewelry, mosaics, contemporary basketry as well as paintings and photographs, among other art forms, have their home in the galleries here.  There are over twenty galleries to visit.  Nantucket Island School of Design and Art has galleries as well.  Visit some of the antique shops for fine art and artisan pieces.

The arts are appreciated on Nantucket.  As small as the island is, it has several arts organizations.  Many genres are practiced, taught and enjoyed here.

In addition to the visual arts found in the galleries and open studio evenings, look for classical music year-round thanks to the Nantucket Musical Arts Society and the Nantucket Arts Council Music Series.  The Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra plays in August and visiting musical artists perform in season.  Nantucket Community Music Center offers lessons to adults and children.

Theater also has its voice.  Actor’s Theater of Nantucket, the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket and Children’s Theatre of Nantucket perform most of the summer, less often during the off-season.  In recent years, Nantucket has hosted a film festival.

Nantucket Arts Council sponsors the Nantucket Arts Festival in the fall, showcasing the arts in their many forms.