Nantucket, MA

Welcome to Gay Friendly Nantucket Massachusetts…
Nantucket Island is 30 miles off the shores of Cape Cod. It has long been a mecca for those fascinated by by-gone whaling days, a vivid repository for history of the era. The Whaling Museum, re-opened in the Spring of 2005, is a must-see, as are the cobbled streets and 17th-century street lamps in town. There are beaches on the island both on Nantucket Sound and the Atlantic offering swimming and superb opportunities to fish for striper and bluefish. Shops, restaurants and lodging are excellent and add to the ambience of the island. There are ferries and an airport (featured in the television show “Wings“).  A daffodil festival occurs in spring and the “Christmas Stroll” is held in December.  Nantucket welcomes visitors any time of year.

The origin of Nantucket’s name is not clear, but may mean “far away island” or “in the midst of waters,” from a Native American creation story of how Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard came to be. The island, at 47.8 square miles, is small enough that its name, the county it lies in, and its main town are labeled one in the same.

The town of Nantucket, which sits directly overlooking the harbor, reflects the island’s history of whaling. The time-worn smoothness of the cobblestone and the elegant brick pre-Civil War homes on Main Street transport the visitor to a by-gone time.  The town, as is all of the island, has been designated an Historic District.

Several villages edge the island’s horseshoe shape.  These villages speak to the tourism era, as they are usually built on the coastline, and feature resort hotels and access to beautiful beaches facing the open Atlantic.

Wauwinet is in the northeast corner of the island and overlooks the harbor and the open ocean.

Quidnet was once the home of the Hermit of Quidnet, Fred Parker, a mysterious 19th century character who was a recluse in a rustic house protected by the dunes.  Today the area is home to vacation homes and rentals.

Sankaty Head is home to the Sankaty Head Lighthouse, built in 1850 to warn mariners away from the Nantucket shoals, and is in fully-automated use today.  It is an often wind-swept area.

Siasconset (or ‘Sconset) village is large enough to have its own post office and zip code. It began as a fishing community, then as a cottage colony.

The landscape of the area is heathland and moors, and includes many acres of protected land.

Madaket is a village on the western side of the island, and features incredible sunset views from its beach, and is home to Madaket Ditch, a canal first dug in the 1600s to connect Long Pond to Madaket Harbor.

The islands off Nantucket are also included within its boundaries.  Tuckernuck is located to the west of the island and is home to private summer residents.  Muskeget is to the west of Tuckernuck and belongs to the town of Nantucket. It is an uninhabited group of small islands that consists of sand dunes and islands.