Martha’s Vineyard Arts & Antiques

Antique collectors will naturally sleuth out shops in any locale; it’s the uninitiated person that needs directions.  Many dealers on the Vineyard, by design or creative accident, accomplish this by the eye-catching and clever names they give their shops. Oriental items, vintage jewelry, re-upholstered antique chairs, fine art and collectibles are some of what is offered the browser and serious collector alike.  There is also an auction house on the island.

The number of galleries on the Vineyard reflect the island’s considerable dedication to the arts.  Sculpture, glass work, jewelry, mosaics, collage, furniture, photography, oils and watercolors are some of the media shown.  Local and national artists are represented as well as the category of the self-taught artist.  Galleries sponsor one-person and multi-artist shows, often kicked off by opening receptions. Individual galleries have their specialties, such as contemporary art.  Some offer consulting services.

Vineyarders in search of an art form are not at a loss for choices.  Start off with the arts council; each town has one.  The broad categories of visual arts, dance, music, and theater have lots of niches to explore.  Professional artists grace the stage and the gallery, but there is room for the novice taking a class for the first time.  Education blends with the highest standards of each art form.

Theater groups stage plays and musicals in Vineyard theaters, as well as offer classes.  A creative dramatics program for children and seniors is based in Vineyard Haven.  An improv program for every age group performs in the summer at the Grange Hall.

Visiting musicians perform in such venues as the Katherine Cornell Theater in Vineyard Haven.  Arts and Society puts on concerts and sponsors a James Joyce Bloomsday event.  The Martha’s Vineyard Chamber Music Society has a summer festival series and winter concerts.

Dance is represented by The Yard, Inc, which is a resident dance artists’ colony in Chilmark.  In addition to performances in New York City and on the VineyardThe Yard also offers classes to the public.

A craft cooperative and a craftsmen’s group supports the crafts on the island.