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Pridepages is a state-by-state LGBT Travel, Wedding, Business and Relocation Guide. We publish print and online versions of our guide as a resource,
not 0nly for the LGBT community but those wishing to support and connect with our community as well. We are a gay-owned company, now in its 13th year, providing an LGBT resource guide showcasing LGBT friendly businesses. We are very proud to support and give back to the local communities we serve.

Cape Cod and the Islands

Welcome to Cape Cod and Islands Pridepages and Pridepages.com, our flagship publication launched in 2003 and now in its 13th year, was our first LGBT Resource Guide, with a mission to serve the entire LBGT friendly community.

New England

Welcome to the 2015 edition of the Pridepages – our 13th year!  We are the only guide of this type in the country, and look forward to serving the LGBT community and those wishing to support and connect with our community as well.

With this edition, I am excited to announce that we have expanded our focus to include all of New England.  As we have since 2003, we at Pridepages are enthusiastic about acting as your resource to connect you to the wonderful businesses here on Cape Cod and the Islands, and now all of New England.

Join us to explore New England from the beaches to the Green and White Mountains, to the mansions of Newport , Rhode Island, and the peaceful farmland of Connecticut.  If you’re considering a visit, or thinking about relocation, or a wedding destination, you’ll find that somewhere in New England is the perfect place.  Use these pages as a resource, whether you’re planning a vacation, a wedding, a honeymoon, or a relocation.

We pride ourselves on serving our readers.

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